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Are you connected? I am! DEECD CONNECT

This morning Jenny Luca suggested I look at DEECD CONNECT to look at Web 2.0 applications. Well, what a fantastic website it is. Loads of resources, explanations and ‘how to…s’) and just what I need! For Example: The SLAV Connect provides a link to Bubbl.us, an online brainstorming tool-I’m already thinking of the ways I can use this tool. There are teacher resources, for example, how to create a wiki with links and great examples of created wikis. Check out the Prep Mansfield wiki. This has got me thinking! Too much to explain everything connected to this site, but my advice is visit and connect.


‘Teaching and learning are changing. Web 2.0 applications such as blogs, wikis, podcasting and other tools can give students the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and share their learning in an online environment with an ease never before possible. There is enormous potential for education. How will you respond? 

It is not just about increased use of technology but HOW the technologies are used … an idea illustrated in the video Shake it Up, based on Karl Fisch’s original presentation.’ Follow links and watch – if you haven’t got time, make time!


‘As we increasingly move toward an environment of instant and infinite information, it becomes less important for students to know, memorize, or recall information, and more important for them to be able to find, sort, analyse, share, discuss, critique, and create information. They need to move from being simply knowledgeable to being knowledge-able.’

From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able: Learning in New Media Environments, Posted January 7th, 2009 by Michael Wesch

I’ve had some e-mails asking about how I make Guided Reading groups. I’m still working on this post but it will be up soon.

Cheers Nina 

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