Why Blog? Who’d be interested in what I do all day? Well, I am!

I was sitting in my staffroom listening to a conversation about blogging. A statement was made:

Why does anyone bother with that and who’d be interested in what I do all day. I’m growing accustomed to this! I didn’t respond, but I should have said ‘I am’. I am interested in what my colleagues are doing. I am interested in teaching and learning outside my arena. Someone then said, Nina has an educational blog. Silence!


However, my colleagues are visiting my blog ‘on the quiet’. They’ve been speaking to me and asking questions. They want to know, for example, ‘what books I’m using’, how to get ‘interactive writing going’ and so on. I’m hearing my writing vocalised. That’s what this is about. I haven’t publicized what I’m doing at my school, but my readership among my own staff is growing. I can feel a shift in attitude. This is not about ‘intellectual property’, it’s about professional sharing.


My readership outside my school is certainly developing as I’m getting feedback and my blog is being recommended by other educational professionals working in schools-not necessarily teaching in classrooms.


Why am I writing this! I was talking to Jenny Luca, my mentor the other day and she mentioned a utube called ‘Did You Know’ and I thought ‘no, I don’t know’. I do now, and I have to say, all teachers should view this. I know teachers can’t watch it a school, but please watch it at home. It actually puts what I’m doing into perspective. I’m learning what I need to know to teach children this century-not next.


The Victorian Government Ultranet is coming and will revolutionize how we work as teachers. Recently, I learnt about elluminate – attending conferences virtually. This is not a vision for the future, it’s happening now!  I’m also a member of a ‘ning’, Working Together 2 Make a Difference. Who would have thought? I’m developing an ‘international mind’ and working collaboratively with education professionals around the world!


So… I encourage anyone visiting my blog to watch ‘Did You Know’. There is an education revolution happening right now that many teachers aren’t aware of. We live in exciting times!  


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2 responses to “Why Blog? Who’d be interested in what I do all day? Well, I am!

  1. jennylu

    Great post Nina. You are sharing and learning in the process; just think how far you’ve come in such a short time. My experiences are similar to yours; it’s taken a long time to get recognition from the people who I work with, and even now I know there are many who would scoff at what I am doing. It matters no mind to me. The growth I’ve experienced and the valuable and meaningful connections I have made has been worth all of the time and effort. You will see that this is the viewpoint you will take and the opinions of those who don’t take the time to understand will matter less.

    • averil2

      Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for your comment. You’re right, I certainly have come along way. The comment, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ certainly applies to understanding and using Web2. Hope your conference presentations are going well. See you for my 6am PD Monday!
      Cheers Nina
      P.S You need to teach me how to join the ‘chat’ on Working Together 2 Make a Difference. I tried but I was probably trying to chat to myself. Interesting! ‘hmmmm’

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