The answer to the most frequently asked question – Why blog? Authentic Learning!

Every time I talk to someone about my blog, I get the same question.  They ask me, why? It’s almost like there must be a hidden reason. They keep asking me where this will lead me, and my answer is, I don’t know. At the moment, I’m interested in the journey, not the destination.

I’m loving the challenge and I’ve been looking for one. I also know I want to keep learning and improving.

Just like children, I want my learning to be authentic. I want the purpose to be real and yes, I could read about this, but it’s the ‘doing’ that’s pushing my learning further than I could have imagined. I’m engaged in what I’m doing!

I also value my teaching and wish to share my teaching and learning strategies with others. I’m reflecting on my teaching, and I’m thinking about global linking, internationalism and how I can incorporate ICT into my program. Others are teaching me and that’s the amazing thing about Web 2.0. People are actually reading and responding to my blog! Teachers want to share!

I’ve been listening to Jenny Luca  for a year and following her journey into Web 2.0. It didn’t take long for Jenny to start speaking a language that I couldn’t understand, and talk about things I had no idea how to do. Her enthusiasm was contagious and her encouragement and support has been ‘what has got me this far’. Jenny taught herself everything, but I’ve been lucky to have a mentor.

Ten new ‘things’ I have learnt.

How to set up a blog.

How to manage a blog.

Uploading pictures.

Creating Links.

Creating tags.

Inserting a utube video into my blog.

Replying to comments.

What a meme is.

What a wiki is.

Other people who will teach me.

What I want to learn!

I want to ‘twirl on twitter’.

I want to connect with teachers around the globe.

How? I have no idea, but my problem solving strategies are different now. I now seek answers through Web 2.0 and I get them.

What I can do!

Teach others about what I have learnt and support their journey, share my classroom program, develop a professional learning plan for ICT and pursue my interest in global issues. It’s all about improving my teaching and therefore my students’ learning! 

Cheers Nina

 Enjoy the video! Lego Man Guided Reading (very clever)




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7 responses to “The answer to the most frequently asked question – Why blog? Authentic Learning!

  1. Alexwebmaster

    Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here

  2. jennylu

    Thanks for the nice words. You are becoming the blogging star and look like you will eclipse all my efforts! Well done to you.

    • averil2

      Thanks Yoda!
      I’m pretty impressed that the utube uploaded into my blog and actually works. Now you need to explain Twitter to me!
      Thanks Jenny for the PD and support.
      Cheers Nina

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