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Reflecting on a Teacher’s Week – Instructional Rounds & Me!

Today I joined a large group of principals being introduced to Instructional Rounds. I’ve been fortunate to have already completed this training once before. It amazes me how when being presented the same information by a different presenter, your understanding deepens. As I can only take in a certain amount of information in one day before it goes to ‘spam’, completing this training was good for me. As I’m a constructivist, the quote from Piaget below is very applicable. I certainly was structuring and re-structuring my knowledge all day.

”I am a constructivist. Knowledge is not ready made. Each of us is continually creating our own knowledge. We are continually organizing what we know, structuring and re-structuring our knowledge.” Piaget

As I write here to reflect on my learning, I’ll share what I’ve learnt this week. I learnt how to use ‘Windows Movie Maker’ properly, deepened my understanding of content planning for literacy by working with a team  and attended Instructional Rounds training.

At the end of a very long day, my Teacher Professional Leave partner and I delivered a short talk on tools available for ‘network’ sharing. I was quite nervous at the beginning – one of my demons I thought I’d rid myself of came back. It was very nice of a couple of people to say they didn’t notice, but I know they did!  However, it may be nice for anyone who visits this space and has had the same experience, that you are not alone. I guess it’s like riding that horse, I’ll have to get back on and do it again or ….maybe not!

I’ve uploaded the video we created for schools to use when introducing Instructional Rounds to their staff. This is our very first video and we’re pretty pleased with our product. Not perfect, but a milestone no less!

One very pleasing outcome of today is that the Instructional Rounds ning will be upgraded. This will enable new members to join. We have 19 educators waiting to be accepted and others who visited and realised the membership was full. Anybody reading this who would like to join, keep visiting.

Cheers Nina

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Learning to See, Unlearning to Judge – Instructional Rounds: The ‘By-Product’ and ‘Inner-Think’!

I’m not surprised my posts on Instructional Rounds are being read. Since writing this I’ve been a classroom teacher being visited as part of the Rounds process at my previous school and visited many classrooms myself. Either experiences are very valuable for a teacher.

Today was my last day as a member of an Instructional Rounds Pilot group. The pilot group was the Southern Metropolitan Region (Victoria, Australia) principals.

It’s been a great experience and has given me an enormous amount to reflect upon in terms of my own practice. I have been very fortunate to be involved in this pilot, and as a classroom teacher, it’s the by-product of Rounds that has made me have aninner-think’ into my own practice.

Instructional Rounds follows a strict set of protocols. Look down, not up! It is about the practice not the teacher.

Identification of a ‘Problem of Practice’ by a school.

The term ‘Problem’ explained – not negative

The term:’ Problem’ – refers to a scientific problem to observe

‘Problem’ is a neutral term.

The Problem of Practice – must:

Focuses on the Instructional Core (student- teacher – content: Interaction)

Be observable

Be actionable

Connects to a broader strategy

Be high-leverage: able to make significant difference

Is not too vague, not too specific – doesn’t stop open- ended evidence

Learning to see, Unlearning to judge: Observations must be non-judgemental

“The discipline of description is the core practice on which rounds are based….” (Elmore)

Describe what you see

Be specific (fine-grained)

Pay attention to the instructional core (teacher, student, content)

Evidence must be related to the problem of practice

Stay in the descriptive mode; look down – not up, focus on students, not the teacher

 The By-Product & Inner-think!

 Predicted Next Level of Practice

Prompt: Describe what it would look like if the school had solved the Problem of Practice?

What would:

Teachers be doing?

Students be doing?

What would the tasks look like?

It’s the discussions around the ‘Predicted Next Level of Practice’ that I have reflected on deeply. When visiting my classroom what would be observed? What am I doing? What are my student’s doing? What do my tasks look like? When planning, I’m now reflecting on these questions, making changes and feel as a result my own practice has improved. This is the by-product and why I believe it is essential that classroom teachers, regardless of experience need to be included in future Rounds.

If you get an opportunity to be part of an Instructional Round or are in a school where a Round is taking place, please embrace Rounds. I’ve been the observer this time, but I’m sure in the not so distant future my practice will be observed too.

Cheers Nina


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A Day Out with the Big Kids: Instructional Rounds

I spent today with a large group of principals brought together to learn about Instructional Rounds. One of my Preps told me their ‘head was full’ earlier this year and today I can relate to this comment… It was a real privilege to be able to be a part of this group and I say this in jest… ‘to listen to secret Principal business’.

I was really delighted to listen to the reflections, which often came back to understanding and respecting a classroom teacher’s feelings about being observed. One participant said to me, ‘I haven’t forgotten about when I was in a classroom’.

What do you know about Instructional Rounds?

This is a very quick post to draw your attention to a ‘ning’ we set up to collaborate and discuss Instructional Rounds and the E5 Instructional Model. My colleague and I are committed to sharing our journey with all and removing any fear educators have about this model. If you would like to learn more about Instructional Rounds and the E5 Instructional Model and follow our journey, here is the link.


You are most welcome to join. At present, the ‘ning’ is not private, but this may change in the future. I must say thank you to the presenters Terry and Mark for a terrific day!

Cheers Nina

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Instructional Rounds-Best Teacher Practice-The e5 Instructional Model PLN – Ning: Take a look, join and discover with us what all this looks like in practice.

The ‘ning’ is up! Jenni and I spent a day of our Teacher Professional Leave (TPL) creating this ‘ning’. Teacher Professional Leave (TPL) through the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Victoria, Australia has given us the opportunity to explore best practice.

To record, share and work collaboratively with other educators we have started a ‘ning’. Today was ‘full on’ as we explored this platform. Working a ‘ning’ is new to us both, but we’ve done it and I would have to say we used our problem solving skills admirably. Lots still to learn, like how to edit a comment when you have a spelling (typo) staring you in the face – and sent to someone significant. I must say that our learning has been in an authentic arena and yes, I can spell arena.

We’ll be chatting to Jenny Luca to sort out a few issues, however, I’m posting this because we are excited and would like others to join. You can contribute or sit back and watch. Here is the link: Instructional Rounds- Best Teacher Practice- The e5 Instructional Model PLN ning. 

Support us here and join our ‘ning’. Be part of our journey and see what we can do together!

Cheers Nina

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