Specific Learning Difficulties: DYSLEXIA- SPELD Professional Development

Yasotha V, Senior Psychologist at SPELD Victoria presented at a PD I recently attended. The organisation has given me permission to share part of a slideshow used during this presentation.

I walked away from this PD knowing that students with Dyslexia may be missed and that all teachers should know when to worry! 

Slideshow: Link below…

 SPELD Teacher Conference 4Jul18 – Presenting Features

SPELD: About the Organisation

SPELD Victoria is a Not for Profit registered charity which commenced in 1969. SPELD Victoria provides information and services to children, young people and adults with  and those who care for, teach and work with them. We want to see Victorians having the opportunity to achieve their highest learning potential.

We aim to ensure that:

1. Children achieve their highest learning potential supported by empowered and informed parents

2. All Victorian children understand their learning difficulties and relative strengths (learning profile) and their traditional literacy potential

2. Children with SLD’s use effective interventions and strategies to achieve their traditional literacy potential as quickly as possible

3. Children achieve their academic potential; supported effectively by capable schools and informed teachers

(SPELD Website)

SPELD offers a range of PD for teachers.

Cheers Nina

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