Language Experience Powerpoint- The Why? What? and How? of Language Experience!

NB: I’ve corrected the spelling mistake on slide 9!  Any others?  

This is my slideshow for a presentation I am giving focusing on Language Experience. A few slides have lost their clarity and I have had to substitute a number of photos for privacy reasons. After I’ve completed my presentation I’ll explain some of these slides via this blog. I’ve broken my presentation in to 3 distinct areas. The ‘why?’ is first, followed by the ‘what?’ and then most importantly I’ll be expalining my practice in the’how?’. As teachers, we get a lot of the ‘why?’ and ‘what?’, however, it’s the ‘how?’ which is often not explained and crucial to embedding new practice. Hopefully my presentation will address all three. The ‘how?’ has meant I’ve had to define my practice which is quite challenging. Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think.

Cheers Nina

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