What Edna Saxton taught me! It’s OK!


I BLEW IT – Cameron Paterson

I’m hoping Edna Saxton is ok with me posting this on my blog. Her recent post about her colleague Layla made me reflect and that’s what a great post does.

Layla, my colleague and friend, has retired very suddenly for personal reasons. Processing my sense of loss, I have this to say…

Would you like to work in a place where you have time to absorb and process one idea before racing on to the next? I’d rather work with Layla.

Would you like to work in a place where you have the space to just be, without disagreement and constantly being challenged? I’d rather work with Layla.

Would you like to work in a place where things are always crystal clear, precise and well mapped out for you? I’d rather work with Layla.

It’s easy to work with people who think in the same way as you do (or don’t think much at all) – You make a suggestion, they agree. They make a suggestion, you take it up. No argument, no raised voices… no progress?

New staff witnessing dialogue between Layla and me are often taken aback. We argue, we disagree, we force each other to examine our beliefs, clarify our goals and adapt our thinking. This is real collaboration and what grows out of it, is dynamic and exciting … often leading to meaningful change.

It’s easy to relax and go with the status quo, accept things because they are good enough or because they have always been done a particular way. It takes courage to constantly question and to fight for what you believe in, even if you upset people along the way.

I’ll miss my thinking partner. I’ll miss pushing her into a corner and making her explain her thought process, examine her motivation and justify her thinking. I’ll be looking out for someone passionate with strong beliefs about learning, who’s not afraid of change… because I need to be pushed in exactly the same way myself.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like being challenged, who doesn’t value debate, who isn’t able to take the seed of a creative idea and use your imagination to grow it yourself into something flourishing… then you might not miss Layla.

I know I will.

Edna Sackson What Ed Said

My Reflection!

It’s OK!

It’s ok to have a number of things on the go!

It’s ok to have professional disagreements and challenge each other!

It’s ok to have ideas that are in their infancy and not crystal clear and share them!

It’s ok to have a voice!

It’s ok to discuss, debate and reflect to grow ideas!

It’s ok to speak up for what you believe in even if you upset someone unintentionally!

It’s ok to ask someone to explain their thoughts!

It’s ok to change what you’re doing!

So I’ll keep doing what I believe is ok because education needs to be questioned. Right? By the way this does not always make you popular. So if you want to be popular don’t question…. just sharing that! 🙂

Cheers Nina

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