Rick Wormeli – Differentiation in the Classroom

So who is Rick Wormeli?

‘Rick offers a wealth of experience having worked as a middle grades teacher, human growth & development teacher, and staff development educator. He is also an educational consultant to National Public Radio, USA Today, and the Smithsonian Institute. Rick has presented at the White House, has appeared on Good Morning America, and has worked with school districts all across the country. He is also the author of Meet Me in the Middle and Day One & Beyond.’

It’s always great when I receive a comment via email or in response to a post. I’ve been reading Rick Wormeli’s research and watching his videos on differentiation in the classroom for some time now. Rick has left a number of comments attached to the post; What is differentiated instruction? I’ve included one of Rick’s comments in this post because Rick has included a link to a number of his videos and support material. I’ve put these videos in my favorites and would recommend everyone to do this as well. I’ve shown Rick’s videos to colleagues and have witnessed a number of ‘aha’ moments.

‘Wow, a 4 a.m. mind-tornado! This is thrilling, actually. Sometimes we can see the farthest, at least intellectually in the quiet, darker moments of night or early morning. Carolyn’s material is certainly compelling and practical, I’m glad you’re using it. She’s a well-respected friend. If you want to explore more ideas on assessment and grading when differentiating, I posted a number of videos at http://www.stenhouse.com/fiae, each about 5 to 10  minutes long, discussing the more controversial issues. These are meant to be a companion for my book, Fair Isn’t Always Equal: Assessment and Grading in the Differentiated Classroom. Everything at the Website is free, however, so you don’t need to have the book to use the videos. There are even study guides for the books that are free for the downloading at the site that you can use independent of the book to guide teacher and leader interactions with these topics. Let me know if you have more questions or Pearls of Wisdom! — Rick (rwormeli@cox.net)’

Thanks for reading and commenting Rick. It is appreciated!

Cheers Nina

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