Week 9 – First Year of Formal Education in Australia: 5 Year Olds – PrepD Student Led Interactive Writing.

In one more week, these five, and ‘a few’ recently turned six-year olds will have completed their first term in a Victorian (Australia) state primary school. Prior to their first year of school, these students have come from a variety of settings. These include, kindergarten, child care, no kindergarten, or an Early Learning Centre. Their ‘prior to school’ experiences are very different.

PrepD Student Led Interactive Writing – Week 9  (N.B. Please read previous posts written about this strategy for instructions.)

Our Language Experience or ‘common experience’ sentence for this session was: On Friday we are going on a school bus. The children are using a number of strategies to support them whilst writing. They rely on and frequently refer to an alphabet tool card, spacer counters and alphabet posters displayed. They have a number of word attack strategies such as, chunking, looking for smaller words, sounding long, sounding short, prompting and ‘think aloud’.

Cheers Nina

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