This is not about ‘intellectual property’, it’s about professional sharing. Why do I blog?

Once again I’m revisiting a topic I’ve commented on a number of times: Why I blog? I wrote:-

I was sitting in my staffroom listening to a conversation about blogging. A statement was made:

Why does anyone bother with that and who’d be interested in what I do all day? I’m growing accustomed to this! I didn’t respond, but I should have said ‘I am’. I am interested in what my colleagues are doing. I am interested in teaching and learning outside my arena. Someone then said, Nina has an educational blog. Silence!

Why am I revisiting this topic? I have recently received a number of comments on my blog that I believe are worth sharing. Sometimes I receive private emails from readers and those will not be shared, but the following comments have been sent in response to posts. I value these comments and feel that they answer the question, why I am committed to professional sharing via my blog. The comments are shared below.

Hi Nina,

I just wanted to say a big ‘THANKS’ to you for your blog. I started reading your blog today and have read back every entry to the start of this year because I couldn’t stop myself from learning more and more information!   

Adele H

i was amazed and wondered by your motivation and inspired by getting the kids interest in writing. I have these problems with my first graders. i was asked to write guidelines in journal writing elementary… i find it quite hard without prior knowledge and sufficient experience… hope you can help me out. I’ve always been a failure to this aspect. thank you so much!  Christine

I have offered my support to Christine and have thanked Adele. I don’t know these teachers personally and most likely they live in different countries, but our educational issues are the same. And to those who share their classrooms and knowledge with me, I thank you!

Cheers Nina


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