Fellowship Program: Western New York – Angela Stockman

I’m very excited to take on a fellowship program under the guidence of Angela Stockman. Victorian teachers have a new Performance Development Plan as part of our teacher review process. My study / project has to be relevant, challenging, inspire me, and provide an opportunity for me to improve my teaching, and share my learning with colleagues.

September: Idea Development for Action Research Project
October: Organizing Your Process and Work Using Grounded Theory Methodology
November-February: Investigation and Inquiry Work, Data Collection, Analyses, and Hypotheses
March-May: Preparing to Publish Your Work
June: Publication and Celebration

Cheers Nina

Next Post: My Writer’s Workshop program and my Writer’s Tool Program.


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5 responses to “Fellowship Program: Western New York – Angela Stockman

  1. I’m so grateful to have you learning beside us this year, Nina! Just caught this post. Looking forward to being better connected this year!

    • nina davis

      Back writing again and loving it. I’m the learner here! Thanks for supporting me… so many ideas! So many ways I can improve… So what are the five crucial behaviours, five understandings and five skill sets a young writer must have?
      Cheers Nina

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  3. markwalker

    Congratulations and best of luck on the project!

    • nina davis

      Thanks Mark,
      Times beautifully with our new PDP. Relevant and worthwhile. Will also be completing a smaller project with Edna Sackson aka Whatedsaid. Keep me busy and out of trouble.
      Cheers Nina

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